Mission Building

Mission Building

Reasons for building?

HUMI Building Construction Preparation 

We believe in the importance of “Complete devotion, dedicated study, and Life-long mission.” The Herald Urban Mission Institute” (HUMI) building can accommodate up to 40 residential students; other facilities include auditoriums, classrooms, school affairs offices, audio-visual databases, libraries and dining quarters, etc.; so as to allow missionary students concentrate on studying and living regularly to build a solid relationship with each other; support each other and become a fellow traveler for life.

Your Participation is the key to our Success

  1. Please click the “Final Dash” at any time to enter the “HUMI” link, keep an eye on the latest developments, and contribute support according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Forward the page material to brothers and sisters in the Lord, so that they can also give their support.
  3. Contact information: please email: revlo@cchc.org
  4. Donation by check: please write the check payable to: “CCHC”; and specify: “HUMI”
    Mail check to: CCHC 156-03 Horace Harding Expressway, Flushing, NY 11367
  5. Online donation: https://humi.cchc.org/support


Interest-free Loans

You can encourage financially capable Christians or churches to participate in interest-free loan programs that specifically support missionaries:
As HUMI requires students to dedicate in pursue academic excellence, they must quit their jobs and concentrate on studying. Therefore, CCHC hopes to find supporters to help them concentrate on their studies without concerning about paying tuition and room/board. Interested persons can use the “interest-free loan” method to support the construction of the “Herald Urban Mission Institute” (HUMI) Building; CCHC then will use the loan to provide students with all their needs during their studies.

• If you are willing, please provide CCHC with a two-year interest-free loan to help students complete their two-year studies. Two years later, CCHC will follow repay your loan; but you can continue to loan to help other students complete their studies. How your loan is fully utilized can be analyzed as follows:

A. If you are willing to provide an interest-free loan of US$240,000, you can support four missionary students to complete their studies.

B. If you are willing to make an interest-free loan of US$180,000, you can support three missionary students to complete their studies.

C. If you are willing to make an interest-free loan of $120,000, you can support two missionary students to complete their studies.

D. If you are willing to make an interest-free loan of US$60,000, you can support one missionary student to complete her studies.

The above plan can help the “HUMI” to complete construction works without having to borrow from a bank. All interest-free loans are formally signed contracts. Since the fund-raising plan already includes a reserve fund that will be repaid after two years, and when necessary, after the building is completed, the new building can also be used to borrow money from the bank in the form of “Equity”. Therefore, there is a real guarantee for repayment. If you are interested in making loans, please contact Pastor Pak-Cheung Lo. Phone: +1-917-554-8819; email: revlo@cchc.org.

The total cost of building the “HUMI” building is 7.8 million US dollars, and 6 million US dollars have been raised; it is still necessary to raise 1.8 million US dollars, that’s why we have this “Last Dash!”

I sincerely invite brothers and sisters to participate actively and join together to cultivate more workers to expand God’s kingdom!

You are welcome to use credit card, check (credit card & check) bank account direct debit card or debit card/Bank Account Transfer (ACH) method to support the Herald ministry.

For questions about online donations, please call us at (718) 799-8251 or email accounting@cchc.org

Mission Building Design



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